Devour the Podcast 61: Book of Blood


The dead have stories to tell…………..


Welcome back to another episode of Devour the Podcast.


This week:

We kick off our Clive Barker retrospective with a lengthy discussion of Clive Barker the author, horror novels in general, and why Hollywood is dumb.

Plus, news and reviews!



AMC thinks Walking Dead will never end

Human Centipede 3 is finally shooting….

Emma Roberts joins American Horror Story: Coven

Aja tackling A Perfect World, folks join Vampire Academy adaptation and David Pinner has a sequel to Wicker Man written.


It Came From the Instant Queue:

Paranorman (2012)


Bo: 4/5

David: 4/5

Jamie: 4/5


Our Feature Presentation:

Book of Blood (2009)

Bo: C-

David: C+

Jamie: D+


Next Episode:

We go wandering through House (1986) for our Instant Queue selection and Midnight Corey joins us to discuss The Midnight Meat Train


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