Press Release: Velvet Vengeance



The original Velvet Vengeance short revolved around Alice, a young woman on a quest to prove once and for all that her brother’s death was the result of more than one killer. After a year of visions and dreams guided by her brother’s ghost she sets out to revisit the area where he died. Accompanied by her friends, a new nightmare begins that pits her against a psycho sister act with a masked axe wielding sister as the co-antagonist.

The short went on to get strong reviews and be nominated for multiple awards at various film fest. It eventually won best short film at The San Antonio Horrific Film Fest. Jeremy Campbell is setting out to bring the story to life with even more action and horror in a the feature version.

The film is in the late stages pre-production and the two pivotal characters that make this project so exciting have already been cast. Those two roles feature very strong female characters on opposite sides of the equation. There is the determined, innocent spirit driven by a need for justice that transforms into a sort of modern day warrior princess and then there is the dark soul that embodies true evil set out on an endless, vicious bloodlust in classic slasher fashion. This clash of forces is what sets at the core of  Velvet Vengeance and the fact that both characters are played by two strong female actors as forces to be reckoned with is what makes the story fresh in horror cinema.

Dani Bliss Gavit is set to take on the role of the ax wielding, brutal slasher wearing a baby doll mask and racking up a sick body count. The killers name is Dolly. Gavit is a true fan of horror with a love of independent. Dani had the privilege of being a judge at the Phil Anselmo (Pantera) Housecore Horror Film Festival in San Antonio as well as being a avid competitive runner and burlesque performer. She also has a thing for duct tape. Now Gavit can add the gorific title of homicidal psycho killer to that ongoing list of awesome! There is a lot about this young newcomer that is both fascinating and inspiring to any generation both in and out of the horror community.

Playing the girl next door that becomes the killer of killers is Andee Martin. Jeremy Campbell stated that Andee Martin really is Alice which is why the director could only see the feature film adaptation happening if Andee agreed to reprise the role. It is something that the young actress was more than willing to do noting with enthusiasm her excitement toward revisiting the character in a broader, more intricate story.

The feature will take a more action driven approach focusing stronger fight sequences while holding on to the classic horror based atmosphere. She is currently training in the art of Maui Tai, Boxing and Grappling, which is pretty awesome in and of itself! There is also plans for intense weapons training all of which should come in handy when forced to confront homicidal maniacs whose “mascot” comes in the form of a brutal ax wielding psychopath who finds comfort behind a baby doll mask.

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