Devour the Podcast 50!


Devour the Podcast episode 50




Welcome back ladies and gents to yet another fantastic episode of Devour the Podcast. This week we’ve reached a milestone, we’ve finally hit the big fiftieth episode and we lose our minds with excitement. Seriously folks, this is one episode where all bets are off and some crazy shit happens.

The Prowler spoilers:  1:22:27-1:34:51

Brace yourself.


-Bo’s back from the brink of death!

-David saw Django Unchained and loved it

-David also saw Texas Chainsaw 3D and didn’t love it

-Bo weighs in on Freakshow and Frankenhooker

AHS discussion spoilers 13:37-20:00



-Alex Koch and Natalie Marinez go Under the Dome

-Darabont talks Godzilla

-Ron Howard might direct adaptation of Gaiman’s Graveyard Book

-Ryan Murphey, Jason Blum and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon to take on The Town That Dreaded Sundown

FrightPIX channel launches on Roku, Screen Media nabs Home Sweet Home

-Kevin Williamson tells us that Scream 3 could have been worse


It Came From the Instant Queue:






Our Feature Presentation:

The Prowler

Bo: B

David: A-

Jamie: B+


Next week: we’re taking a trip to The Theater Bizarre for our Instant Queue selection, and the good news is our dates are here….the bad news is their dead. Thrill Me you son of a bitch it’s Night of the Creeps for our feature!

Thank you to everyone who has listened and commented on the show, we appreciate it more than you know and this episode is dedicated to you.

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