Devour the Podcast hits 50th episode

Today was a special day. For most people, it was just another Wednesday  but for myself and my co-hosts of Devour the Podcast and the listeners it was the day we recorded our 50th episode.  It’s still a little surreal to me that I can say that I’ve produced fifty episodes of Devour, and with episode 52 we will be celebrating a year, but before we get to that point I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this first truly impressive milestone.


Fifty episodes equaling out to 77 hours, 55 minutes and 47 seconds, roughly 5.55 gigs of memory, and that includes the Halloween special in its audio format.

Its honestly mind boggling to really think about it, that for fifty weeks, two short of a year, I’ve sat at my computer with a headset and recorded conversations, reviews, rants, complaints and grievances and any number of strange thoughts and bizarre sounds, first by myself, then with my friend Jamie and in time our friend Bo.


We haven’t always agreed about films, Jamie, Bo and I, and we’ve gotten into a few verbal scuffles now and then, some that made it to air and some that didn’t, but throughout Jamie’s forty episodes and Bo’s twenty, we’ve shared a lot of laughs and every week we’ve come back to work together, no matter what nonsense may have happened the week before.


I said very early on, more than likely on episode two, that my goals for Devour were very simple, that I wanted to reach the next fifth episode. A seemingly easy goal, but one that as I’ve said before, almost didn’t happen, and yet it’s hard to imagine not doing Devour every week.  Even though my “Professional” life has been rocky the past two years, producing Devour has given me a creative outlet to get myself back on track, helped me focus my thoughts and has offered me an outlet to vent my feelings about the genre I love so much.


Of course I’ve ranted, not only about films that I didn’t like, but pointing the finger at the greater horror community on more than one occasion for indiscretions that I felt we should be rising above. I hold the community to a higher standard than I feel it holds itself at times and too often when reading comments on news posting or even listening to other podcast I find myself getting angry.  Now, that’s not to say that any of my opinions are right or that my anger at the community is always justified, but as I said it’s because I hold the horror community to higher standards.  I’ve dealt with the sidelong looks and sneering commentary from people because they don’t “Get it” like I do, they don’t understand that there is more to the genre than what they think they know and that there is merit to these films, even the most grotesque, and when I see the community acting like squabbling children or worse, living up to the uneducated stereotype that the average person tends to have of horror fans (much like the much maligned Metal fans) it pisses me off, because I know we’re better than that.  Of course, that isn’t to say that some folks aren’t just plain dumb, because we’ve got our fair share of morons floating about the online horror community, and we’ve got plenty of them who are all too willing to open their mouths and let stupid fall out.


And yet, despite how aggravating these people can be, they’ve often fueled some of my more entertaining rants on the show.  I’ve never made it a secret that I have strong opinions, but I’ve always tried to back up my opinions with as much evidence as I could so that even if someone doesn’t agree with me, they can at least understand my perspective, and I’ve brought this same approach to every review I’ve done on Devour, granted some of them have boiled down to Fuck This Movie, a phrase that I dearly love that has been adopted as a sort of personal catchphrase and rating on the show, but my anger at the bad movies and at the dumb commentary from the community has always been from a place of genuine love.  Yes, I may hate Lovely Molly and Smiley, and want to set fire to copies of Mask Maker, but it’s because I love the genre.


Horror has given me something that I can call my own, something that isn’t just a hobby, but a piece of who I am.  I’ve mentioned previously that the character of Randy from Scream was an inspiration to me in my early teens, giving me a direction when I didn’t quite fit in with everyone else (and yes, I do remember a time when liking zombies made you weird). I’ve always loved movies, but Horror was the niche I felt like I fit into perfectly, a place where I could explore and wrap my hands around the films that most people hadn’t heard of or would refuse to see.


When I started podcasting in 2009, I had no idea that four years later I’d be producing my third show, that I would be working with two fantastic people (that I’ve sadly never met face to face), and interacting and reaching hundreds, if not thousands of people across the world.


And it’s to them, the people who have downloaded and listened to Devour whether it’s from episode 1 or if they only recently found the show, that I say a truly heartfelt Thank You. Without each and every one of you, there would be no Devour the Podcast episode 50, and Jamie, Bo and I wouldn’t be having all the fun we have every week.
When I started podcasting, I only had a couple of goals. One was to be a part of an episode of The Midnight Horror Show, which I was. Another was to work with “Midnight” Corey Graham of The Electric Chair and Midnight Podcast fame, and I have. The third goal was to host a successful podcast that I could be proud of, one that would do justice to the show that had inspired me and that would hopefully touch a listener like The Midnight Horror Show had touched me.  I think I’ve succeeded at that goal too, as I’m incredibly proud of Devour and have had wonderful conversations with listeners, a couple of whom have come to me for podcasting advice.


Strange to know I’ve come full circle, from being a guy who was star struck by some guys from Virginia doing a show about horror movies to being a guy from California doing a show about horror movies and talking to listeners who are some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the chance to interact with.


So thank you, again to every single person who has downloaded and listened to Devour the Podcast over the last fifty episodes, thank you to all of the other podcasters who have been supportive including Mike and Shane of The Corpse Cast,  Corey from The Electric Chair, Evil Dave of The Insideoutcast, Freddie and the crew of Night of the Living Podcast, Mark formerly of Monster Mark’s Horror Podcast,  Gill and Ross of Gill and Roscoes Bodacious Horror Podcast, Jesse and Iris of The Moviecopia Podcast, Mike from Badasses, Boobs and Bodycounts, Johnny Krueg of Kruger Nation, Cindy and Stacy of Creepy Kitsch, Mike from Evil Episodes, Alex and Dan of The Skeleton Crew and of course Jason, the creator of the Horrorphilia Podcasting Network for helping spread Devour through his network.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I am sorry, but know that I appreciate the support you’ve given to my little show. It means more to me than you probably know.


So here’s to fifty episodes of Devour the Podcast and to fifty more.

And maybe another fifty, who knows what the future holds, but as long as you’ll keep listening, we’ll keep producing them.

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