Devour the Podcast 43: Excision


Devour The Podcast 43

It’s time for another episode of Devour the Podcast folks!

Walking Dead/American Horror Story Spoilers- 12:04-26:45

If you want to participate in our Best and Worst of 2012 episode, send in your emails/voicemails or MP3’s with your lists. Minimum of 5, maximum of 15 for each list, anything you saw in 2012 counts, but it has to be from 2010-2012 to count.  Lists must be submitted by December 26th 2012 to be included.


-del Toro to direct Crimson Peak for Legendry

Texas Chainsaw 3D viral images hit Facebook and Tobe Hooper has seen TC3D

-Chandler Riggs and Joel Courtney to star in Stephen King’s Mercy

Bad Meat hits DVD in February

-Sarah Butler stars in The Demented

Sinister hits DVD and Blu-Ray in February

S VHS to premier at Sundance, plot synopsis kinda sucks

-Stephen King’s Under the Dome coming to CBS next summer.

It Came from the Instant Queue

Waxwork (1989)



Our Feature Presentation

Excision (2012)




Next week:

Night of the Comet is our Instant Queue selection, a nice way to ease ourselves into the madness that is The Last Circus.


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