Devour The Podcast 39: Fright Night


Devour The Podcast 39

Welcome back to another week of Devour The Podcast


This week we cover a range of topics including


Mockingbird Lane: was it any good?

Walking Dead: Spoiler Heavy



Resident Evil Retribution is coming to DVD and Blu Ray….also we make fun the Resident Evil franchise

Creep Van is coming…..Creep Van…..Seriously

-Hey apparently Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is still a thing, and here’s a photo from it

-Daniel Radcliffe shows off his Horns

Maniac remake trailer is out and it looks awesome!

-Teaser for World War Z is out….and it looks like shit

-Red Sea is bringing you Blood Shed and Encounter at NP 9, both vaguely based on true events

-David DeCoteau takes break from 1313 twink series to bring us Hansel  and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft……..Don’t ask me I don’t know

Gangsters, Guns and Zombies coming to the US from XLrator

Shout! Factory is bringing us Bettlejuice the animated series to DVD. Awww yeah

Locke and Key is getting the big screen treatment after not making it on the little screen

Silent Night , Deadly Night remake Silent Night has a trailer and a release date

-Joe Dante is going back to the horror well with Air Disturbance. Hopefully it’s better than Red Eye

Skyfall writer/director are working on a vampire hunter TV series

-Details, art and synopsis for iKllr

-Full cast details released for possible Bathory film Beautiful Evil


It Came From The Instant Queue:

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie





Our Feature Presentation:

Fright Night (2011)

Bo-Buy It

David-Buy It

Jamie-Rent It


Next Week:

Bo may or may not be with us as we tackle C.H.U.D and our first pre-1960 classic in the Spanish language Dracula (1931)


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