News: Carrie Poster and First Evil Dead remake image

Typically I don’t post much news here on the blog, I do a whole segment of commentary on the news on every episode of Devour The Podcast but I make exceptions now and then.

The first official poster for the upcoming adaptation (I won’t call it a remake) of Carrie, a novel that I hold very near and dear and a film I’ve kept a close eye on for sometime now has been released at the New York Comic Con.  There has been much ado about the film in general, mostly people pissing and moaning about it being a remake, (did we forget the TV movie/backdoor pilot with Angela Bettis back in 2002?) and complaints about the casting.

I give ZERO shits what people are saying negative about this film because I will judge the film when it comes out on its own merits.  This poster, along with the various viral marketing images that have been released over the past weeks have me excited, and the two most recent images are making me believe that the talk of this being a closer adaptation of the novel then De Palma’s original film are true.

And considering how bullying has been such a major topic in the news the past few years, I can only see a lot of good coming from a new adaptation of Carrie.

Of course the other big news sweeping the internet into a furor of wailing and gnashing teeth is this image:

Our first official look at the remake of Evil Dead.  I’ve already heard complaints that the image looks to have too much CG, and that this remake is going to destroy everyone’s childhoods, etc.

Frankly I think the image is pretty fucking creepy and I don’t care that her eyes aren’t all white as I’ve seen some complain.  Sure there seems to be some CG enhancements to the image, but all the other news that has swirled around this film, that both Raimi and Campbell are extremely pleased with it and that it’s going to be a “Hard R” rated film have me at least thinking about this remake.

Is a remake of Evil Dead really necessary?  In my opinion, yes and no.  While the original is a classic, no doubt, the special effects do not hold up at all, and while I appreciate and enjoy the original, I also first saw it when I was 12 or 13, so there is some level of nostalgia tied in with the film, I can see that it has its flaws, and those flaws are things that modern audiences will not be as forgiving of.  This is yet another wait and see for me, as I won’t be passing any judgment on Evil Dead before I get to see it.

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