Devour The Podcast Episode 35: We’ve Reached Our Final Destination

Devour The Podcast Episode 35

Welcome one and all to episode 35 of Devour The Podcast.

Spoilers for Final Destination 5- 1:31:50-1:49:33

This week we’re wrapping up our Final Destination retrospective, but before we get into that…..

-Jamie and Bo discuss their twitter adventure while watching Altered with listener @Stupid_Hamster

Walking Dead Season 2 discussion (light spoilers)

-David gives a brief review of Grave Encounters 2 (spoiler free)

-David hates The Chernobyl Diaries (Spoilers)

-Bo’s Birthday!


-Uwe Boll produces Zombie Massacre and we’ve got a trailer…God help us all

Hitchcock trailer looks promising

-LA residents might still be able to see Halloween in 35MM with John Carpenter

-Leatherface wears grandpa pants in Texas Chainsaw 3D poster

Trollhunter director to adapt Enormous

-Chapter 4 of The Walking Dead game available now

-More Carrie viral marketing makes us happy and a teaser is coming

Return to Nuke Em’ High teaser certainly is Troma-tastic

-Remember that NBC Dracula show? Well it’s still happening

-Rupert Sanders to direct Van Helsing

Mockingbird Lane will air on Halloween

REC 4 treatment hits the web

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Black Sabbath (I Tre Volti Della Paura)




Our Feature Presentation: The Final Destination Retrospective Part 5:

Final Destination 5




Thank you to listeners Iris and Jesse for writing and emailing us this week, we always appreciate hearing from you wonderful listeners.

Next Week:

Werewolf…..There Wolf as we tackle Werewolf: The Beast Among Us in our It Came From The Instant Queue and the gloves come off as it’s a battle to the finish in our first listener suggestion of High Tension.

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