Happy Belated Birthday Devour The Blog

I realize that this posting should have come way back in June (you know, when the blog actually had its birthday) but looking back at the posting dates from around that time, I was clearly too busy wrapping up podcast business to even realize it.

What can I say, I’m absent minded sometimes.

But Devour The Blog is now a year and three months old, and I can’t believe how the time has flown by.  Initially I started the blog as a way to get myself back into the habit of doing written reviews, something I had been doing off and on since 2004 or so, and for a while there I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with it, getting reviews and articles posted on a semi-regular basis, but eventually I started falling off.

The reason for that is simple, I feel my best reviews come from passion, either I love the movie I’m reviewing or I hate it, but either way that passion will fuel the review and give me drive to get it done.  Also I’m used to writing for sites where I needed to hit a specific word count, and so I feel like if I don’t at least crack 1000 words on a review, then I’ve failed.

Of course my output slowed, and I switched gears and started working on the Decade of Horror series, a fun look back at the last ten years of horror.  Then as I came into 2012, I realized I needed to solve my content problem, I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to write a review or even an opinion piece on a regular enough basis, and the blog was stagnating because of it.

So I started podcasting again. February sixth 2012 was the inaugural episode of Devour The Podcast, a weekly episodic podcast that (with the exception of a total of maybe 3 weeks) has been released on time ever Saturday here on Devour the Blog (as well as over on its own page, devourthepodcast.blogspot.com).

The podcast has had its ups and downs, and has faced being cancelled out right on a couple of occasions, but now with episode 32 sitting uncut on my hard drive, I’m  pleased to say that it’s not going anywhere.  Of course, I’ve been talking about getting back into writing reviews for this blog once again, which still hasn’t happened yet, though I was approached by a film maker asking if I would take a look at and review his film (which will be coming in the next few days more than likely)

I started this blog initially to give myself something to do, to keep myself occupied, to keep my creativity flowing. Now a year later and it’s been the catalyst for my most successful creative period so far, driving me to produce a podcast, as well as get back to writing prose fiction as well as tackling an old screen play once again.

And I owe it to everyone who has visited and read this blog. Thank you.

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