Press Release: The Black Dahlia Haunting: First Trailer Released

I’ve previously reviewed one of Mr. Slagle’s films here on the blog (15 Till Midnight) and have been keeping an eye on his various projects through Facebook. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a copy of VIVid and Song of the Shattered, but  I’ve also been keeping a keen eye on this latest project, The Black Dahlia Haunting.

I’m a fan of true crime stories in general, and any time a film takes on such a story and puts a fictitious twist on it (Hollywoodland or The Black Dahlia both come to mind) I’m more than willing to give it a watch, for good or ill (Fuck you 8213 Gacy House) and now, we’ve got an official first trailer.  Below is the press release

The first official teaser trailer for the paranormal/psychological thriller The Black Dahlia Haunting has hit the internet.

The film stars Devanny Pinn (#Hold Your Breath), Britt Griffith (SyFy‘s Ghosthunters), Noah Dahl (Bad Teacher), Alexis Iacono (The Penny Dreadful Picture Show), Cleve A Hall (SyFy‘s Monster Man), Jessica Cameron (Silent Night), Sarah Nicklin (Beg), Daniel Murawka (American Girls), and Brandon Slagle (Patient Zero) who also directed the film.

The film follows a young woman, Holly (Pinn), why flies from New York City to Los Angeles to follow up on the murders of her abusive father and stepmother by her blind since childhood younger brother Tyler (Dahl). She soon encounters the psychiatrist assigned to treat Tyler, Dr. Owen (Griffith), who seems to have a special connection to a spirit Tyler claims speaks to him, Elizabeth Short – known in lore as THE BLACK DAHLIA (Iacono).

Consumed by vengeance, the spirit of the Dahlia has been playing mind games with individuals who have experienced great pain in their lives, from Tyler, to Malcolm (Slagle) a man who can speak to the dead by touching objects that were of great importance to them, and now to Holly…

The film will have its WORLD PREMIERE at SCARE-A-CON (formerly Scare-A-Cuse) in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, September 15th at 6pm in screening room 1 (with a possible encore) followed by a Q & A with Slagle, Pinn, Griffith, Dahl, and Iacono as part of the Syracuse International Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival.

Following up Scare-A-Con will be a screening hosted by Slagle, Pinn, and Cameron at MISS MISERY’S DAYS OF TERROR in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, September 29th. Additional screenings will be held at the RAPTURE HORROR EXPO in Mesa, AZ the weekend of October 5th and the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival in Hollywood, CA the weekend of November 9th. Additional screenings to be held in Oklahoma and Nevada are expected to be confirmed soon.



Official Site:


I’m looking forward to seeing this film, either on a big screen or on DVD, whichever happens to come first, and I will most certainly be reviewing this either here on the blog or on Devour The Podcast in the near future.

One thought on “Press Release: The Black Dahlia Haunting: First Trailer Released

  1. The Black Dahlia case is, to this day, so disturbing and haunting that it’s pretty hard to fuck up a movie about it (though the mainstream adaptation of the James Elroy novel was pretty lackluster, and I had low expectations). I liked what S1 of American Horror Story did with it, though. Anyway, so far so good–like what I’m seeing with this unsettling trailer. Thanks for the update!

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