Devour The Podcast 17: Sleepaway Camp IV-The Lost Sequel Found!

Devour The Podcast Episode 17

Welcome back ladies and gents for episode 17 of Devour the Podcast.

This week, we’re getting ever closer to the end of our Sleepaway Camp retrospective with the “Lost” sequel Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor and we once again change up our ratings system, this time abandoning the 0-10 scale for Our Feature Presentation and replacing it with a simpler scale:

Avoid It!

Watch it on Cable!

Rent It!

Buy It!

This week’s News:

IFC picks up Sightseer

First official still from Sightseers


The Shambler is out for Revenge

Is Chernobyl Diaries a rip off? See for yourself-

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Slaughter Night (Sl8N8 – Slachtnacht)



Our Feature Presentation:

The Sleepaway Camp Retrospective Part 4:

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor

Next Week:

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Our Feature Presentation:

The Sleepaway Camp Retrospective Part 5:

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7 thoughts on “Devour The Podcast 17: Sleepaway Camp IV-The Lost Sequel Found!

  1. You guys missed the ENTIRE point of “Sleepaway Camp IV”. And it took 4 years to finishing, hardly “slapped together”. And it was made/sold to help raise the funds needed to remake it, like you thought was an original suggestion.

    • We didn’t “Miss the point” we reviewed what was presented, which was a sub par excuse for a film. Nowhere did I see anything about “Survivor” being released so that it could be remade. Just because it took four years doesn’t change that the finished product still appears to be a slapped together money grab. If it had been clear that the film was being released to raise funds we would have mentioned it on the episode but I saw nothing of the sort.

  2. Four years for that? I wouldn’t say that out loud. Perhaps next time you should try Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Or (and here’s a novel idea) put a paragraph at the beginning explaining your motive. Although, considering you didn’t give us anything except footage from previous films, I’m not sure exactly how you planned to fund anything but bad reviews. Don’t come bitching to us for being honest. That’s what we do.

  3. I’m not “bitching” for you “being honest”, I just think it’s a misunderstood sequel that takes a little openmindedness and understanding to fully appreciate as a film. It has been said since the beginning (even in 1992) that this would be a “clips” movie with a wrap-around, so why does everyone act so surprised that it’s exactly as advertised? Sure, the quality of SC 1-3 could have been better, but as you two stated yourselves, we weren’t given the rights to use the remastered prints Anchor Bay owned. This WAS a “labor of love” because I am a die-hard fan myself, and what FAN doesn’t want to see a “lost sequel” to a series they love and adore? It WAS a “labor of love” because I slaved over the footage for four years UNPAID to get this film “finished”. It was a “labor of love” because I risked everything (hatred over it’s release) to get it out there for the fans that WOULD appreciate it finally getting a release. To me, even a sub-par sequel to a series I love is better than no sequel at all because any Business person will tell you if it sells, expect to see more. I would be more than happy to join your podcast and fully explain our intentions.

  4. Sounds good to me. We’d love to have you on the show. I, personally, would love to have a reason to not hate this movie. You give me that and I’ll retract the “labor of love” comment I made and personally champion this project.

    • Just give me a fair and free chance to talk and I think I might open your mind a little:) I look forward to it.

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