Devour the Podcast Episode 7: Paranormal In-Activity (AKA:Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

Devour The Podcast Episode 7

Note: I won’t be posting shows here on the blog as often as I used to as I have an all new blog set up specifically for the show. If you are already subscribed through Itunes, you won’t need to change anything, however if you aren’t hop on Itunes and search Devour the Podcast or you can just head over to the other page,

It’s finally here, the review of Paranormal Activity 2 that I’ve put off for two weeks (spoiler alert: I hated it).

No It Came from the Instant Queue this week, I’ve been too busy working on the Nightbreed retrospective and watching The X-Files. Next week, episode 8 will feature the return of the It Came From the Instant Queue as well as the final nail in the Paranormal coffin with the review of Paranormal Activity 3

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