Devour the Podcast Episode 2: The Woman on The Bridge sent me down The YellowBrickRoad (Or: How David finally gives a movie a 0 out of 5)

Devour the Podcast Episode 2

And here we are at Episode 2 of Devour the Podcast. This week’s episode features a brand new segment Devour the Podcast’s Soundtrack Spotlight featuring the rare soundtrack, Music from the Bridge: the Soundtrack to the Movie in your Mind along with a double dose of Bloody Disgusting Selects films with It came from the Instant Queue feature YellowBrickRoad, and, Our Feature Presentation of Lucky McKee’s The Woman.

Dying to know which of the two films David gave the first ever 0 out of 5 to? Listen to the episode and you’ll find out soon enough what happens when you waste a horror fans precious time………….

As Promised in the Episode, here’s the link to listen to The Bridge soundtrack on youtube:

And if you’re looking to buy a copy from Amazon: Music from The Bridge-Soundtrack to the movie in your mind

Why not pick up a copy of The Bridge in paperback?

The Woman and YellowBrickRoad  are available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Video on Demand.

Next Week On Episode 3:

Night Junkies will be our It came from the Instant Queue selection, along with Hostel 3 for Our Main Attraction

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