Devour the Podcast Episode 1: Stephen Kings IT

Devour the Podcast Episode 1: Stephen King’s IT

Well, despite the terrible audio quality of recording (aka: What happens when you take months off from recording a podcast and forget everything you learned) here it is, the very first episode of  Devour The Podcast

In this inaugural episode, I’m joined by my good friend/former co-host of the Cryptcast Dez for a discussion of the It Came from the Instant Queue film Grave Encounters, along with Our Feature Presentation review of Stephen King’s novel It and it’s 1990 TV adaptation.

Leave a comment here, or on the Itunes feed (which in theory should be up and running by the time you read this).

Next week on Episode 2: Another “It Came from the Instant Queue” and for “Our Feature Presentation” the recently released Jack Ketchum/Lucky Mckee film The Woman.

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